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AI-generated Learning Stories
Letters, Journals, Plans and Reflections
Age and stage-appropriate planning recommendations
Individual philosophy and learning framework
Summative assessments
Translation to 21 languages
Customise writing with Write Like Me
Print, share, or export to other platforms


Unlimited usage of Coach Sue available 24/7
Context-specific coaching for writing observations, planning, and reflections


Web and mobile app
Collaborate with peers
Retain records forever
Work with any ECE software
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Saves time.
Improves quality.
Increases retention.

We surveyed 10k+ educators on LoveHeart. This is what they said.

Significant time savings
Improves quality of planning cycle
Improves ability to critically reflect
More likely to stay at their service
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Here is what others are saying.

roberta keown centre director at joondalup early learning centre

Roberta Keown

Centre Director at Joondalup Early Learning Centre

Using LoveHeart AI has been a game-changer. It seamlessly integrates with our frameworks, simplifying the process of linking observations to the EYLF and standards, something that previously required manual effort. This shift in approach has been significant; it's not about replacing the educator's input but enhancing it. LoveHeart AI demands meaningful input, aligning perfectly with our sector's emphasis on quality and ethical standards.

The true value of LoveHeart AI lies in its ability to understand our sector's nuances without needing explicit guidance. This understanding elevates the quality of our documentation and reflections, which has been tremendously beneficial for both children and families. The tool's ability to translate documentation into various languages has particularly impressed me, bridging communication gaps with families from diverse backgrounds.

Jessica Langford Managing Director of SA Montessori

Jessica Langford

Managing Director of SA Montessori

Integrating LoveHeart AI into our SA Montessori centers wasn't just a decision we made from the top down; it was a collaborative journey that involved the entire team. We really wanted to emphasize that LoveHeart AI is there to assist, not to take over the unique and invaluable work our educators do. It's been exciting to see the positive reactions, especially how LoveHeart AI aligns with our Montessori philosophy, helping not just with paperwork but also enriching our educators' professional growth.

For those thinking about bringing AI tools like LoveHeart into their practice, my suggestion is simple: dive in and try it out. See for yourself how it can lift the weight off documentation, giving you more space to focus on what really matters in early childhood education. It's about using technology to enhance, not replace, the human element in our teaching.

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LoveHeart User

I used to be scared to write learning stories for families because English is not my first language and I'm still a trainee. But LoveHeart has helped me gain confidence in talking to families about what their child is learning and has helped me better understand the importance of early childhood education.

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LoveHeart User

Being a Family Day Care Educator, I am very time-poor. LoveHeart has reduced my workload significantly assisting writing observations and my daily diary update. I now have time to critical reflect.

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