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Create impactful, meaningful cycles of planning in seconds.

Expand your practice with personalised developmentally appropriate suggestions that reduce bias and improve outcomes. Reflect critically with personalised coaching. And document and share what happened with beautiful, outcome-linked stories, letters and diary entries.

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Learning stories
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Letters & diaries
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Plans & suggestions
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Your personalised, context-aware practice and pedagogy coach.

Discuss and shape exceeding practices. Collaborate on specific behaviours or developmental questions. And much more. Always available at no cost.

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Shape practice
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Upskill educators
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Save on training
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Always available
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Work together. Share with families.

Work together to develop a child's planning cycle and develop your practice through coaching. Share your work with families in 21 different languages.

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Collaborate with your team
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Export and share with families
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Works with existing software
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Stay compliant by retaining data

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