June Updates: Unlock the power of collaboration, summative assessments, and curriculum in early education

June Updates

June Updates: Unlock the power of collaboration, summative assessments, and curriculum in early education

At LoveHeart, we have a deep reverence for the early years. As teachers and pedagogists ourselves, we believe in giving every human being the best start to life. This means surrounding them with extraordinary, empowered individuals who assist in setting the context for their living.

Empowering educators and teachers to collaborate around a child’s learning is key.

New: Collaborate for free with Teams

It’s because of the critical role that we play that we’re excited to announce that we are bringing collaboration to everyone on LoveHeart. Starting today, all new accounts will be able to create a team for free and start collaborating with the educators and teachers in their room, centre, or scheme.

We’re excited about the new ways of working that this will unlock, including:

  1. Collaborating on goal setting, understanding, and planning for a child’s learning
  2. Working on Journals together prior to sharing with families
  3. Building the curriculum for your Room or Service
  4. Building your practice individually and as a group with Coach Sue

Collaboration will be available for new users today and for existing users in the upcoming months.

New: Summative Assessments and Curriculum available to all

As part of this release, we’re excited to announce that two of our popular paid features - Summative Assessments and Curriculum - will be made available on all Teams on LoveHeart.

  • Summative Assessments allows you to understand a child’s learning over time, and provides teachers, educators, and families with contemporaneous developmental information about a child’s development.
  • Curriculum allows you to create your program for your Room, Centre, Family/ Home Day Care, Outside Hours School Care, or more, all in one place. You can tick activities or experiences off when done, and reflect on the implementation of your curriculum together.

New: Enhanced writing settings

Our educators and teachers rely on LoveHeart to accurately reflect their perspectives and to make them feel heard through a writing style that mirrors their own. Not only does this save tremendous amounts of time, it improves the way that we are understood by our families as professionals.

While we have made significant progress in this area, we acknowledge that we have opportunities to improve. Over the next few months, we will be rolling out a family of features that drastically improve the writing experience.

In this release, we are thrilled to introduce All About Me for teachers. Using All About Me, you can express your unique context as a teacher and individual, informing how LoveHeart understands and interacts with you across the platform. All About Me improves the personalisation of the experience across writing and coaching, creating a more relevant, relatable, and personal experience.

New: Flexible pricing

With the announcement of our new approach to Teams and the general availability of Summative Assessments and Curriculum, our Teams pricing has now been made more flexible to allow for the wide range of different ways in which you like to use LoveHeart.

You can learn more about our new Pricing options here.

At LoveHeart, we’re committed to transforming early education on this planet by empowering educators and teachers with tools to make a lasting difference in the lives of children. We can’t wait to hear about the impact that you’re making.