LoveHeart's New Magic Powers: A Deep Dive Into The Latest Features

Make your LoveHeart journey even more impactful.

LoveHeart's New Magic Powers: A Deep Dive Into The Latest Features

This April, we rolled out new truly transformational features in LoveHeart, designed to significantly enhance how educators interact with and use our platform. These updates focus on simplifying processes, enriching educational content, and providing our users with an even more intuitive and impactful experience. Here’s a closer look at the enhancements we’ve introduced:

Introducing Jottings, aka your personal LoveHeart notebook: 

  • Capture children's learning over time by jotting down observations throughout the day or across several days, then seamlessly compile these into a comprehensive learning story.
  • Unlimited Usage: Jot as much as you need without worrying about using up your requests.
  • Digital Transformation of Paper Notes: Convert your paper notes into digital jottings in a snap. Simply use an image of your handwritten notes, and LoveHeart will digitise them for you.

Coach Sue is now quicker, smarter, and more flexible:

  • Experience faster responses during coaching sessions with Coach Sue
  • Personalise your session by customising its title and easily print it out for reference
  • Coach Sue now possesses the capability to analyse photos and extract valuable info

LoveHeart’s got a vision! 

  • LoveHeart now interprets images, enhancing how they are utilised in documentation
  • Add photos or images to Journals, Coaching, etc. and LoveHeart will intelligently incorporate these images into the narrative
  • Utilise Coach Sue to extract and interpret information from images for deeper insights
  • Transform paper-based Development Summaries into digital versions by simply taking a photo

Transparent Usage Tracking: 

Easily track your usage of LoveHeart's capabilities with a new requests count.

Excited to experience the magic of these latest features firsthand? Dive in! We’re excited for you to try it out!